BRIDG collaboration to create battery-free IoT wireless sensors -

BRIDG collaboration to create battery-free IoT wireless sensors


BRIDG, an industry-led public-private partnership for advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, announced a collaboration with Face International in the development and integration of a patented energy-harvesting technology – the Evercell power cell – that is capable of powering wireless IoT sensors without batteries. Evercell technology employs a novel design using advanced materials to harvest thermal energy in any environment where the ambient temperature is above absolute zero – reliably generating the microwatts of electrical power needed to run wireless IoT sensors without the need for batteries.

Evercell power cells are inexpensive to produce, consume no fuel, have no moving parts, and contain no toxic materials. According to company officials, an Evercell demonstration device has been operating continuously for 16 months with undiminished performance, producing enough electrical output to power a typical wireless sensor.

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