Bridgetek brings its PanL technology to ISE 2018 -

Bridgetek brings its PanL technology to ISE 2018


Bridgetek is set to reveal the latest innovations regarding its PanL smart automation platform to European audiences, when the company exhibits at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. Via a series of exciting new demonstrations, it will be able show ISE attendees the breadth of possibilities that this technology has, and provide system integrators with valuable examples of how to apply it to their next generation home/building automation designs. Center stage will be PanL Smart Living – through which lighting, heating, security and air conditioning systems can all be controlled using just one touch-enabled human machine interface (HMI), rather than requiring specific apps or control equipment for each, that can lead to user frustration.

Then there is the PanL Smart Utilities demonstration. This highlights how PanL can be employed in the monitoring of domestic gas, electricity and water consumption. Thanks to the extensive range of connectivity options supported by the PanL Hub(including RS485, Wi-Fi, BLE and Z-Wave), it can interface with a wide array of third party smart sensor devices. The real-time data that it acquires may then be shown on the accompanying 7” PanL70 touch-enabled display units.

Alongside these is the PanL Greenhouse example, which describes how this technology can be implemented into remote monitoring systems for horticulture purposes. Using this method, data concerning the light levels, temperature, air humidity and soil moisture can be gathered through both wireline and wireless communication from sensors distributed throughout large scale commercial greenhouses. The information derived is accessible from a centralised system via the PanLHub. In this particular case smaller 3.5” format PanL35 display units have been used – serving as the HMIs through which the grow lights, water pumps/sprayers and the climate control mechanism may all be operated. This can alternatively be done through connected portable electronics devices

With PanL Consumer, Bridgetek is addressing current demands for more device-enabled equipment within the domestic environment (either for greater lifestyle convenience, or to support elderly people in relation to assisted living). This demonstration will show how the PanL Hub can collect data and control outputs for various household appliances (refrigerators, cookers and suchlike). User interaction with these appliances can be achieved through fixed installation PanL display units (either 3.5” or 7”) or via smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Other demonstrations at the Bridgetek stand will include the PanL Room Manager intelligent meeting room booking system and the PanL Smart Retail merchandising and promotion system.

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