Broadcom announces WICED Sense dev kit for IoT apps -

Broadcom announces WICED Sense dev kit for IoT apps

Broadcom Corporation's WICED Sense development kit is an all-in-one IoT prototyping kit that includes Broadcom's newest Bluetooth Smart chip, five micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and has a software stack that is Bluetooth 4.1 compatible.The WICED Sense kit provides a cost-effective platform that minimizes set-up time and enables rapid demos of IoT concepts for hardware and software developers.

The development kit allows even non-technical designers to take advantage of the company's Bluetooth technology and low-power MEMS sensors to build custom applications. The user can simply unbox the WICED Sense kit, download the WICED Sense application to their smartphone and then pair the two devices using Bluetooth Smart in order to start experimenting with sensor technology like direction, humidity, speed and atmospheric pressure.

Use cases range from a single sensor technology to sophisticated programs gathering and analyzing data from multiple sensors. Specific examples include:

  • Set up text alert to be notified if a designated area of the home, like a child's bedroom, rises above a certain temperature by placing WICED Sense kit inside bedroom
  • Find car keys by attaching them to the WICED Sense kit and using a smartphone to trigger an alarm on the tag
  • Create security device for pets by attaching WICED Sense kit to collar and setting alarm on smartphone if pet wanders outside predetermined boundaries
  • Correct player form by using accelerometer and E-compass sensors on WICED Sense kit that are affixed to tennis racket
  • Maintain proper levels of humidity in the home by using WICED Sense kit  to monitor moisture levels and send an alert if levels are too high or too low

The Broadcom WICED Sense Kit is currently available through Broadcom's network of distribution partners for $19.99. The WICED Sense application is currently available on the App Store here. Visit to learn more.

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