Broadcom debuts IPv6 network processor -

Broadcom debuts IPv6 network processor

Broadcom Corp . has just introduced a multicore processor implemented in 28-nm CMOS, designed for use in classification, forwarding and security processing of IPv6 network data.

Designated the NLA12000, the new series of processors are sampling now with production volumes slated for the first half of 2013.

The processor series is aimed at 3G/4G mobile infrastructure, data center and enterprise environments, using the company’s NetRoute algorithmic search technology designed to deliver what it says is the highest deterministic performance and low latency independent of database or signature complexity, with support for up to 2 million IPv6 routes.

The processors are capable of 2.4 billion decisions per second (BDPS) to address growing line rates for IPv4 and IPv6 packets and they include multiple 12.5 Gbps SerDes for 300 Gbps aggregate bandwidth.

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