Broadcom's dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip targets Internet of Things -

Broadcom’s dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip targets Internet of Things


Broadcom Corporation has introduced what the company claims is the industry's first dual-band Wi-Fi audio chip into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) portfolio. The new system-on-a-chip (SoC) delivers high-definition (HD) audio streaming over a Wi-Fi network to wireless audio devices and minimizes interference for premium sound quality.

Broadcom's BCM43907 SoC reduces cost for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by integrating all needed functionality onto a single device. As the first audio SoC to implement dual-band Wi-Fi, Broadcom's BCM43907 reduces interference and delivers a cleaner overall sound to wireless streaming devices such as portable speakers, 5.1 multi-speaker systems, sound bars and media players. Devices with dual-band Wi-Fi experience fewer interruptions and benefit from a significant network performance boost by operating on two bands.

In addition, advanced radio frequency (RF) and timing synchronization enables the same content to be streamed over multiple speakers in different rooms in the home with no echo or lag time. This allows consumers to stream a variety of content to different speakers from the same device. A consumer for example can use Bluetooth to listen to a radio station from their smartphone in one room of the home while simultaneously streaming music to a portable speaker in another room, all using the same device and Wi-Fi network.

The Broadcom BCM43907 offers pre-integrated Apple Airplay support with direct access to Broadcom's WICED Audio software development kit (SDK), expanding opportunities for developers and OEMs designing products that stream audio content from the home network or mobile devices.

Key features

  • Industry's first dual-band Wi-Fi audio SoC
  • Offers support for Apple AirPlay to enable media streaming from iOS devices
  • Extends 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity to audio speakers
  • Integrates WICED Audio SDK for a variety of HD audio applications
  • Delivers low-power 1×1 802.11n WLAN SoC to OEMs
  • Includes on-chip 320MHz ARM Cortex-R4 applications CPU for audio speaker market
  • CPU includes 32KB each of instruction and data caches, along with 2MB of TCM RAM
  • Offers DDR3L memory and Q-SPI Serial flash interfaces for applications and streaming content buffering

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