Brush up on brushless DC motors and other DSP skills -

Brush up on brushless DC motors and other DSP skills


Hone your DSP edge at the Embedded Systems Conference Boston!

If I had any doubt about the ubiquity of digital signal processing, it was erased recently when my corner gas station started selling DSP.

Alright, I admit it: the grease monkeys weren't selling DSP per se. But they were using DSP, in the form of a digital-signal-processing-based wheel balancer.

Indeed, it's increasingly difficult to think of an electronic system that doesn't use digital signal processing–or couldn't benefit from the use of DSP. As a result, many embedded systems developers now find themselves incorporating digital signal processing into their designs–but may not have really worked with DSP since college.

This year's Embedded Systems Conference Boston offers a great opportunity to hone your digital signal processing know-how. Veteran practitioner John Edwards will kick off the track on Tuesday with his full-day tutorial, “DSP Demystified.” Another highlight of the track will be Rob Oshana's talk, “Embedded Systems Development Using DSP.” John and Rob have that rare combination of deep technical knowledge and a excellent teaching skills; their past sessions have been among the highest-rated at ESC.

One of the exciting growth areas for DSP is in control-loop applications, including things like control of electric motors and creating efficient power supplies. In the DSP and Multimedia Programming and Applications track at ESC Boston this year, we're fortunate to have several excellent sessions on DSP control topics, including independent design consultant Tim Wescott's tutorial, “Basic Control Theory for the Software Engineer,” and Yashvant Jani's “Embedded Speed Control for Brushless DC Motors.”

DSP is the future. Prepare for it by joining us at ESC Boston for an outstanding line-up of sessions that will teach you skills and techniques that you can use immediately

I hope to see you there!

Jeff Bier is track chair of the DSP track at Embedded Systems Conference, Boston. He is co-founder and president of BDTI (, a trusted resource for insight, analysis, and advice on signal processing technology. Jeff oversees BDTI's benchmarking and competitive analysis of chips, tools, and other technology and is a recognized industry expert, frequently presenting seminars on applications and technologies. He is the editor of BDTI's technology analysis reports, including Buyer's Guide to DSP Processors, now in its sixth edition and is also editor in chief and a frequent contributor on, an online newsletter dedicated to digital signal processing technology.

Register here for ESC Boston track classes. The conference will be held September 18 to 21 at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA. If you can't attend ESC Boston and are interested in these tracks, you can download track presentations for a fee from Embedded on Demand after the show.

Here's an overview of all the tracks at ESC Boston.

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