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Budget debugging tools reach out to PowerPC 440 processors

Brookline, Mass. — Macraigor Systems LLC has extended the reach of its OCDemon family of low-cost debugging tools to include the PowerPC 440 line of processors from Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Specifically, support now covers AMCC's PowerPC 440GP, 440EP, and 440GX processors.

OCDemon debugging tools span a broad range of hardware interface devices and application programs, affording the flexibility to select the host interface and price-performance ratio best suited for your embedded system. In particular, hardware debugging devices are available with parallel, serial, USB, or Ethernet connections for Windows and Linux host machines.

Debugging application programs are available for all stages of the development cycle, from troubleshooting prototype hardware to writing and debugging boot code, programming in-circuit flash memory, developing application-level software, and helping with manufacturing burn-in and testing.

The company has also updated its free, prebuilt GNU tools suite to include example configurations for AMCC's Bamboo, Yosemite, Ebony, and Ocotea evaluation boards. Examples include source, gdbinit, and make files for each board.

The OCDemon family of debugging tools for the AMCC PowerPC 440 family is available now. The flash programmer, and flash access and target access DLLs sell for $500 each for the first license and $100 each for incremental licenses. The ODC Commander assembly-level software debugger, OCD Remote, and GNU tools suite are available at no charge from the company's Web site.

Macraigor Systems LLC , 1-617-739-8693, www.macraigor.us

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