Build combined HF and UHF RFID readers -

Build combined HF and UHF RFID readers


Anadigm announced the availability of its RangeMaster5 third-generation RFID reader. The 3.3-V chip set lets system vendors design and maintain a single combination HF and UHF reader. A Rangemaster5-based system can be customized to read different RFID tag types, with different modulation types and frequencies. It also supports current HF standards as well as the newer standards under study. Like previous RangeMaster devices, latest version will support UHF protocols, including EPC Global Gen 1 and Gen 2 (class 0, 1, 2) as well as ISO18000-6 standards.

RangeMaster5 is a three-chip set comprised of two dynamically programmable analog signal processors (dpASP) in conjunction with an RFID state machine. This enables system designers to develop universal RFID readers that can support both HF and UHF, changing between HF and UHF baseband frequencies dynamically, in a few microseconds. The chip set also features the ability to dynamically change between protocols and frequencies allowing for optimized RFID tag reading. Allowing standardization around one pcb to support multiple end products and markets simplifies and improves product development.

An evaluation board is available for $199, and the chip set starts at $17.94 in 10,000-piece quantities. Samples are available now. For additional information, go to

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