Build mobile devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth -

Build mobile devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


CSR and PortalPlayer have joined forces to eliminate the inconvenience of wires on personal media players (PMPs) by adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Through seamless integration between PortalPlayer's PP5022 applications processor family and CSR's UniFi Wi-Fi and BlueCore Bluetooth ICs, system OEMs can deliver wire-free media players. Wi-Fi will simplify the synchronisation of media players with a PC as well as opening up new ways to download and stream content from the Internet. Bluetooth will enable wireless stereo headset connectivity.

CSR’s UniFi-1 Portable supports 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi and has been designed specifically to minimize coexistence design issues. In addition to functioning properly in close proximity to a Bluetooth radio, UniFi provides multi-mode 802.11a/b/ or g operation, low power consumption, and built-in antenna diversity processing for extended speed and range. CSR’s BlueCore4-ROM implements Bluetooth v2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). In addition to delivering data rates up to three times faster than products using previous versions of Bluetooth, EDR Bluetooth also has a similar effect on power consumption with BlueCore4 powered products lasting up to 3 times longer.

PortalPlayer's PP5022 system-on-chip utilizes dual 32-bit ARM7 microprocessor cores and extensive firmware to provide scaleable performance and maximize battery life for PMPs. The efficient design supports leading audio encoders, digital rights management technologies, and multiple I/O and networking connectivity enhancements.

More information can be found at and its partner Web site, More information about Bluetooth technology can be found on the SIG Web site at PortalPlayer can be found at

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