Build your own Beagle Board-based embedded system at ESC -

Build your own Beagle Board-based embedded system at ESC

In a show that has a reputation for cool “tear downs,” this year, the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009 features a seven-session track that allows attendees to “build” their own embedded system at the conference.

To take advantage of the hands-on classes, conference attendees can purchase their own embedded development kit that includes a Beagle Board, and a version of MontaVista's Linux loaded onto a 2-Gbyte SD card. Participants will take the kit to each of the classes in the track to experience such concepts as:

• Beagle Board 101

• Create a 3D UI

• Harness Bluetooth for communications and more

• Understand Linux Kernel modules

• Understand free and open-source licenses

• Embed streaming media

• Run Android on the Beagle Board

“There's nothing like going to the 'Show of the Year,' knowing you're going to be rolling up your sleeves and learn to build something cool,” said Rich Nass, Director of Content/Media at TechInsights. “This year, we'll give new meaning to 'hands on, providing a real learning experience where participants get to do a whole lot more than just watch.”

For more information, see Build your Own Embedded System.

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