Buildroot 2012.11 released for embedded Linux apps -

Buildroot 2012.11 released for embedded Linux apps


The Buildroot project has this week released the 2012.11 version of this embedded Linux build system tool, which relies on languages and tools that are generally familiar to embedded Linux developers.

The new version of the Buildroot tool includes support for the AArch64 architecture from ARM and Xtensa support has been improved. A number of tool chain components have also been updated such as the incorporation of binutils 2.23 and gcc 4.7.2.

Buildroot now defaults to gcc 4.6.x when the internal toolchain backend is used (i.e, when Buildroot builds the toolchain itself, as opposed to relying on a pre-built external toolchain, or relying on Crosstool-NG to build the toolchain).

Many prebjuilt external tool chains familiar to embedded systems developers have been added as well, including: Sourcery CodeBench 2012.03 for ARM, Super and x86, Linaro 2012.08, 2012.09 and 2012.09.

Support for libtirpc has been added to support support C libraries that no longer provides the RPC functions (used for NFS, for example). Default configurations have been added for qemu-mips64-malta and for the nitrogen6x board (based on the i.MX6 processor from Freescale).

Licensing information have been added on many packages as well as a licensing report generation mechanism. It automatically generates a detailed report of the components present in the embedded systems, with the license files and source code for each.

For more information, go to the Buildroot web site.

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