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Bulgin: new range of rugged capacitive touch switches

Bulgin has launched its new range of rugged capacitive touch switches ideal for repetitive operation. The sealed IP68 rated switches are activated by the touch of a finger and can be used across a wide range of applications from heavy industrial to consumer appliances. As the switches feature no moving parts, they require no operating force to activate, offering both ease of use and a long-life expectancy of up to 50 million operation cycles. In addition to being both dust- and water-resistant, the switches are also vandal resistant, making them highly robust and durable.  

The switches feature an auto-calibration function, enabling them to adapt to their external environments, and support both momentary and latching operations. The capacitive switches are available in 16, 19, 22 or 25mm diameter sizes and are offered in anodised black, red or natural colours as well as 316L stainless steel. Customers also have a large variety of ring illumination options from which to choose.

Bulgin’s new range of capacitive switches are easy to clean and designed with both robustness and sensitivity in mind, making touch activation possible even where the user may be wearing surgeon’s gloves. This makes the switches ideal for a diverse selection of applications, from medical and laboratory equipment and food processing machinery to consumer applications such as appliances, vending machines and lift controls.

The capacitive switch range joins Bulgin’s already extensive offering of push button, Piezo, slide, toggle and rocker switches designed for a wide variety of industry applications.

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