Bulgin: rugged optical fiber connectors and IoT technology for harsh environments

At Electronica 2018, rugged connector and component manufacturer Bulgin will be showcasing a selection of its most advanced connector, switch and sensor products designed to deliver high performance in the harshest environments. Bulgin’s focus on optical fiber connectors, smart connectors and sensors reflect the increasing demand for optical fiber connections in outdoor and extreme environments and rugged sensors to support the Internet of Things megatrend.

Visitors to the Bulgin stand will be able to see Bulgin’s extensive range, including its Buccaneer range of circular power and data connectors, industrial automation connectors, switches, battery holders and sensors. In addition, will be introduced Bulgin’s rugged optical fiber range, including the 4000 Series Fiber LC Simplex, one of the smallest harsh environment optical standard LC simplex connectors available on the market. Also on show is Bulgin’s environmentally sealed intelligent connector, containing a 7 x 5 mm PCB with an EEPROM device situated securely underneath the overmould of the miniature Bulgin 400 Series connector.

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