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Buttons get touch overhaul

Microchip has expanded its MTCH10x mTouch sensing portfolio with the addition of two-, five-, and eight-channel capacitive touch controllers. In a hardware-only configuration, these turnkey controllers replace mechanical buttons with a simple digital output, allowing designers to add proximity and touch detection to any application that is constrained by size, power, or cost.

The MTCH102, MTCH105, and MTCH108 controllers use a multistage optimization algorithm to actively suppress noise from the signal to achieve reliable proximity/touch detection, even through a glove. They perform automatic compensation for environmental conditions and provide reliable operation in the presence of water. Additionally, the devices accommodate a wide range of touch-sensor shapes and sizes.

With no software to write and a simple interface, the low-power mTouch controllers allow developers to quickly update mechanical keypads to capacitive touch. The devices can be used in a wide range of capacitive human interfaces in industrial, home automation, office equipment, and consumer markets.

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