ByteSnap creates Windows CE demand response system for Plogg -

ByteSnap creates Windows CE demand response system for Plogg


LONDON — ByteSnap Design has developed The Plogg Network Controller (PNC), a demand response hub which centrally manages and controls multiple Plogg smart energy meters.

The Plogg energy smart meter was designed by ByteSnap Design (Birmingham, England) for Energy Optimizers (Grimsby, Engalnd) in 2007 and provides essential data about energy consumption at the point of use — the electrical power socket.

The Plogg and the Plogg Network Controller provides utility companies, facilities managers or domestic users with the ability to centrally monitor energy consumption of individual electrical appliances. The Plogg is already being trialled by utilities companies in a bid to implement technology that reduces energy waste and costs while cutting CO2 emissions.

The Plogg Network Controller can work with over 1,000 networked Plogg wireless smart meter plugs. Users will be able to monitor power consumption of appliances in real time, monitor consumption over an extended period, and even control consumption remotely from anywhere in a building or via the Internet.

“We see that the Plogg Network Controller as a method of effectively enforcing energy efficiency for all users via the demand response mechanism ByteSnap and Energy Optimizers have developed,” said Dunstan Power, director of ByteSnap Design. “The Windows CE operating system has provided us with a flexible yet robust platform to develop this product, which we see as soon becoming a mainstream technology.”

“Demand response systems such as those based around the Plogg Network Controller will be instrumental in the way we measure and control our electricity consumption. Energy Optimizers has seen enormous demand from power companies for these types of smart devices due to increasing power micro-generation in homes and the growth in windfarms,” added Power.

Plogg Network Controllers allows users to access data and even operate electrical devices via the Internet. Information from the Plogg Network Controller can be provided in Watts, VAs, current or voltage which can be regularly downloaded from Ploggs at set intervals. Users can access this information via the Plogg Network Controller interface.

The Plogg is based on a Teridian 6511 metering processor that can use either Zigbee or Bluetooth wireless connections. The Network Controller software runs Windows CE with an ASP Web interface, which allows customised functionality to be built in by the vendor via Java and VB scripting.

ByteSnap Design has based the network controller around an 800MHz PXA320 Swift Module from Direct Insight Ltd. (Banbury, England)

The web server draws on data collected by an application which is running constantly on the controller, downloading logs from multiple Plogg devices around it and storing this information in a SQLite database to either internal or external flash. Through custom ASP pages the user interface and functionality of the controller can be altered to suit the end customer. Java and VB scripting is used to allow the interface to be redesigned without changes to the controller firmware or supporting software.

More information will be available on ByteSnap Design's stand at the Embedded Systems Conference U.K.

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