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C++ Builder updated for single-codebase, multi-device dev


San Francisco-based Embarcadero Technologies launched its newest version of C++ Builder rapid application development (RAD) environment on December 10, 2012. Targeted to native application and database development, C++ Builder XE3 is also relevant to embedded systems developers who need to integrate applications and database development targeted for multiple device types, including mobile.

The company says C++ Builder enables developers to “natively target” Windows 8 and Mac OS X PCs, laptops, and Intel-based mobile devices with a single C++ codebase and development effort. The 64-bit compiler architecture complies to C++11 and standard libraries, such as Dinkumware STL, Boost 1.5. XE3 is backward compatible with C++ Borland products.

This latest version of C++ Builder, which began life 15 years ago at Borland, now supports or contains:

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Image courtesy of Embarcadero.

  • New 64-bit Windows compiler based on a multi-device targeting architecture
  • C++98, C++TR1, and C++11 language standards
  • ANSI C, ISO C, C99, and C11 language standards
  • Dinkumware STL 5.3 and Boost 1.5
  • CLANG compatible
  • Agile C++ language extensions
  • Cross-compilation to multiple Windows and Mac OS X platforms
  • High-performance seamless DB and web/cloud services connectivity

This release is a “culmination of work done over the years since the acquisition” said Michael Swindell and accomplishing the vision Embarcadero had when acquiring the tool. Their benchmark goal was to increase the productivity of the developer/code base by at least 5x. The company maintained two teams during development, one to work on and support the established C++ Builder, while the other developed the new C++ Builder XE3.

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Image courtesy of Embarcadero.

The company plans to add iOS and Android targeting in 2013. Embarcadero plans to take six months to add new platforms as needed.

Available now.  More information at Embarcadero’s web site.

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