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C++ IDE packages multiple tools together


Paradigm Systems has released its Paradigm C++ Professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with support for 32bit protected mode, 24bit extended address mode and 20bit real mode x86 embedded systems development.

Initially launched in 1998, the IDE tool has been used extensively for x86 embedded systems development. Paradigm C++ combines a number of tools into one comprehensive, familiar environment running on Windows operating systems. Toggling between windows to access a C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker/locator utility, integrated debugger, librarian, and editor has made code writing and testing with Paradigm C++ a more efficient solution.

The Paradigm C++ Professional Integrated Development Environment has now added 32bit protected mode and 24bit extended mode product versions, and support for JTAG on-chip debugging for the AMD SC520 and the VAutomation Turbo186 24bit core. Processors supported now cover the entire 186, 386, and 486 spectrum of AMD, Intel, NEC and VAutomation products.

Several enhancements have been made to the Editor. Visual Assist helps automate the process of code writing. It will intuitively complete functions, execute macros, and display suggestions to making the code better. While Visual Assist helps in the writing of code, Paradigm C++ Lint provides syntax checking of source files in the Project Manager, providing an alert to problems with incorrect code or with project organisation, such as unused files in a project.

A comparison utility accessed from the menu bar provides faster analysis of file and directory differences within a project or directory tree. Source code control support for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and other version control systems is completely integrated into Paradigm C++ Professional.

The Project manager provides version control as well as archiving and securing work, checking files of a project in or out, comparing versions, sharing code files within groups, or testing new changes without loss of past changes.

In Paradigm C++ Professional, source editor views are debugger views. This allows execution of a program line by line, inspection of data elements and structures, and variable modification without losing code focus.

Program code can be written in C, C++ or assembly and debugged using several remote debugging interfaces accessed from within the IDE. These interfaces include remote kernels, JTAG, ROM emulators like the Emutec PROMJet and Grammar Engine PromICE, and Applied Microsystem's SuperTAP in-circuit emulator. The PDREMOTE/ROM remote kernel can be configured for any 20-, 24-, or 32bit x86 target.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) February 2002

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