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C-to-FPGA integration speeds prototyping


The integration of Stone Ridge Technology's RDX-11 FPGA board and development kit with Impulse Accelerated Technologies Inc.'s C-to-FPGA toolset enables software developers to write HLL algorithms that rapidly compile to optimized RTL.

Impulse says that compared to hand coded RTL methodologies, the design entry can take two-thirds the time and iterations one-eighth the time. For designs with significant non-sequential logic the speed improvements can be 10 – 100x.

Applications currently in use at Stone Ridge using ImpulseC center around high-speed feeds of data, images or signals. The integration to the RDX development kit brings to reconfigurable computing C programmable FPGA technology with high bandwidth and ample memory to achieve maximum processing power.

For accelerated network processing, Stone Ridge boards work with Impulse C to enable software developers to move critical path network interface processes to hardware, where they run faster in multiple streams without the overhead of an operating system.

The integration provides C based links to hardware features and busses on the FPGA and RDX-11 board such that software developers can accelerate on the board without writing hardware controllers.

Processes run as custom streaming cores in dedicated FPGA hardware without an operating system, to maximize throughput and reduce power consumption. Packet data integrity is increased when compared to microprocessor based single- or dual-stream solutions.

Developers can purchase Impulse C or Stone Ridge boards from the respective manufacturers. Also, Impulse and Stone Ridge have preconfigured systems available that include all the hardware and software a development team will need to create a first application and connect it up to a datastream.

Systems come with 8 hours of remote training and the option of having algorithms professionally refactored for multi-streaming parallelism. On-site training and installation are available.

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