CAD links to disty databases gain momentum -

CAD links to disty databases gain momentum

LONDON — Another web environment that provides an electronic interface to computer aided design (CAD) tools has been introduced to allow electronic designer engineers to search and find parts from within their CAD design environment.

DesignLink has been developed by Premier Farnell in collaboration with EMA, the developer of Component Information Portal (CIP), and provides bridge software to Cadence's OrCAD CAD tool.

CIP did a similar deal with Digi-Key last July 2008 and in December Altium introduced live links from Altium Designer to the databases of component suppliers. The first live link was also to Digi-Key.

The coupling interface allows the designer to take the manufacturer's data and use it directly in their schematic design instead of the having to research them via the web; they can also be sure that they are using active parts and then simply import part attributes into the design or local parts database.

The coupling interfaces directly with the Premier Farnell companies' websites in 40 different countries giving access to over 4,000,000 items from 3,500 manufacturers. Data and pricing is provided in local language and currencies.

Randall Restle, Director of Global Technical Marketing, said: “This new capability maps out the future of integration in the design cycle. Our customers are the same as those of the CAD vendors and DesignLink will allow us to support them better in the early stages of the design cycle. It seamlessly links everything together; allowing

A designer can see what parts can fit his design by part or keyword search, then can then check availability for next day delivery without ever having to leave his design environment. “It integrates our product database right into the design environment,” said Randall Restle, director of global technical marketing for Premier Farnell.

The company is looking for other CAD tool developers to work with it to integrate the product database into their CAD tools. “Our beta testing has indicated that designers love this product and it will become a key 'must have' during CAD tool choice.” added Restle.

Premier Farnell invites all manufacturers of CAD tools to contact them directly to discuss implementing the DesignLink interface with their design environment. The Group will be rapidly increasing their global capability to interface with a wide range of CAD platforms this year as they expand their support to meet the unique needs of their electronic design engineering customers.

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