Calcuccino programmer's calculator for iPhone does programming, engineering, and scientific functions -

Calcuccino programmer’s calculator for iPhone does programming, engineering, and scientific functions

Calcuccino from Cambridge Coders is a programmers' calculator for the iPhone that includes all the functions you would expect for programming, engineering, and scientific use. Features include signed, unsigned, and floating point arithmetic; variable word sizes from 2 to 64 bits; interactive ASCII symbol table; bit shifts and rotates; boolean logic; binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal; bitwise logic; sin, cos, tan, logs and square root; and IEEE-754 support.

The GUI is beautifully designed, using the iPhone's menus and swipe gestures to improve on the conventional calculator. There are 15 user-definable favorite-function buttons/memories, and access to recent history. The user's most commonly used functions and values are kept readily at hand by putting them on a 'Favorites' bar. Five favorites buttons are visible at any one time; swipe is used to reveal more. The user can assign a favorite from the menu, or simply tap and hold the favourite button.


Other uses of swipe include swiping across the interface to perform common tasks and reveal more information, swiping the LCD to view the value in a different number base or scientific format, and swiping the main calculator buttons to reveal the interactive ASCII table.

A functions menu reduces the number of buttons on the primary interface, allowing all buttons to be large and clear. Watch this video to see how it works:

In the new iPhone 4, Calcuccino takes full advantage of the high resolution retinal display. This provides crisp, sharp graphics throughout the interface at the full native resolution of the display. Whether you are using iOS 4 or the earlier iOS 3, Calcuccino will remember where you were in a calculation when you switch away from it – allowing you to return to complete it later.

Best of all, a Lite version of Calcuccino is free. To get the 15 customizable favorites buttons, up to 64 bit integers, and additional shift/rotate functions, you can upgrade to the full version for $2.99. To download Calcuccino, go to iTunes AppStore.

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