Cambridge Consultants introduces tools for RISC processor core -

Cambridge Consultants introduces tools for RISC processor core


SAN FRANCISCO — Cambridge Consultants has introduced new development tools for XAP3, the company's royalty-free 32-bit RISC processor core for application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) applications.

The tools include the Gnu compiler collection C/C++ compiler and the uCLinux and Micrium C/OS-II real-time operating systems, Cambridge Consultants said. The new software supplements Cambridge Consultants' own ANSI C compiler for XAP3, which the company said optimizes application code density for memory cost savings.

According to Cambridge Consultants (Cambridge, England), the porting of the Gnu compiler collection adds an industry-standard C programming environment to XAP3, as well as support for extra languages such as C++ and Java. The company said it is in the process of porting both the Micrium C/OS-II and uCLinux onto XAP3.

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