Cambridge management symposium to look at value creation -

Cambridge management symposium to look at value creation


LONDON — The theme of the 11th Annual Cambridge Technology Management Symposium in September is to be 'Gaining better value from technology'.

To be held September 28 and 29 at Downing College this annual Symposium is aimed principally at an audience of senior technology and innovation managers from companies of all sizes, it draws on leading practice and research to address the current key issues in an international context.

This year it will consider how the traditional linear model of technological innovation – research, development, transfer to production, sales and support – within one organisation, now rarely applies. New forms of collaboration are evolving through which firms join together each to provide one part of a complete new business system. For example, a venture capital-backed start-up may develop and supply an innovative technology, while bigger business partners may provide the manufacturing capacity or logistics that make an international market reach possible. In this context the capture of value within the whole business system is something that cannot be taken for granted by any of the players. Each participant will need to protect their position in the network, and their opportunity to capture value.

Other emerging trends may also disrupt an organisation’s ability to capture value. These include the move to service-based business models in high capital value goods (for example aero engines), the long development time required by some technologies before commercialisation (for example pharmaceuticals or new materials), and the concentration of production capacity in low-cost but rapidly industrialising locations.

The Symposium will explore all aspects of these developments, providing insights into the experience of leading firms, learning from the outcomes of recent research, and guidance on how to secure an individual company’s opportunity to capture value within the whole system.

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