Camera module enables ultra-thin handsets -

Camera module enables ultra-thin handsets

OmniVision Technologies unveiled an ultra-thin VGA camera module. Based on the company's latest VGA sensor, the OV7670 CameraChip, the module measures just 6 by 6 by 4.1 mm. The OV7670 CameraChip is 1/6 inch square and has a 3.6-micron pixel size. This design allows camera and handset makers to move to a 2P lens design (using two plastic lenses where other similar modules use three). In addition, the OV7670's unique non-linear micro lens shift technology allows a reduction in the distance between sensor and lens, lowering the module height even further without losing image quality or camera performance.

In addition to cameras and handsets, the modules are appropriate for use in notebook applications where the camera module needs to be no thicker than the LCD housing. The ultra slim module is now available in sample quantities. Additional information is available at

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