CAN bus analysis on latest ScopeCorder -

CAN bus analysis on latest ScopeCorder

Yokogawa has introduced a version of its latest combined oscilloscope/data recorder family with dedicated automotive testing features for CAN bus monitoring.

The Yokogawa ScopeCorder 850 family combines the benefits of a high-speed oscilloscope with those of a traditional data acquisition recorder. The DL850V adds controller area network (CAN) bus monitoring function to the existing ScopeCorder, making it suited to troubleshooting and debugging the CAN in-vehicle serial bus.

The DL850V enables decoding of the CAN signal and retrieve information on physical data like engine temperature, wheel speed and braking from the CAN bus signal and compare this with the data coming from real sensors.

The DL850V offers CAN bus data monitoring simultaneously with monitoring analog sensor data via the 720240 CAN bus monitor module which as two ports with 60 signals (channels) or IDs per port. Bit length is 32 bits and the maximum sample rate is 100kS/s (5kS/s x 16 channels per port). It uses the CAN in Automation CAN2.0Bstandard & extended message format.

It can simultaneously display sensor signals and the decoded CAN trend data with the output function showing a specified ID with data can be manually output while it can also exercise an electronic control unit (ECU) to check its response timing and other sensor actions.

Yokogawa already has oscilloscope-based serial bus analysis systems, with products now available covering CAN, LIN, I2C and FlexRay but the company was unwilling to say if or when other buses will be available on the 850.

As well as CAN bus the ScopeCorder captures the output signals of a crank position sensor and a strain gauge to monitor maximum valve strain to test engine valve spring strength. For adaptive front lighting systems which improves visibility by automatically turning front lighting in direction of travel stepper motor signals, controller signals, steering and velocity signals are monitored by a ScopeCorder.

It can also be used for measurement solutions which contribute to airbag development and safety.

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