CAN bus analysis on the move -

CAN bus analysis on the move

LONDON — CANalyzer Pocket from Vector Informatik can be used to display CAN-bus traffic or individual signals on a handheld PDA.

The software can be run on Pocket PCs, and its configuration can either be created on the Pocket PC or on any CANalyzer or CANoe installation effective with Version 5.1. The basic functions enable the displaying of the data contents of different messages in text-based or graphic format, displaying statistics on bus loading and bus disturbances, and logging messages for later offline analysis.

CANalyzer Pocket supports a symbolic database with DBC files. The Pocket PC accesses the CAN bus via the CANcardXL, Vector's PCMCIA interface card. CANalyzer pocket runs on handhelds that have PC Card Expansion Packs, including the HP iPAQ 3900, 5400, and 5500.

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