CAN bus analysis simplified -

CAN bus analysis simplified


STUTTGART, Germany — Vector Informatik has enhanced its CANscope tool for analyzing CAN bus physics with expanded configuration and evaluation software. This will enable customization of configurations and improvements to automating and evaluating measurements.

Effective with version 3.0 the CANscope recording module may be connected to either a PC's serial port or its USB port.

It is possible to automate frequent measurement tasks using the COM interfaces by uses of an automation script which could be created in Visual Basic, for example. The CANscope COM interfaces allow the user to configure the measurement, react on trigger events, and upload recorded data from the CANscope recording module to the PC.

This provides the capability of automatically running long-duration measurements with a large number of recordings for later offline evaluation of results. As well as measurement automation, CANscope still has its offline mode which permits measurements without being connected to a PC.

Signal values are now displayed in physical form in the trace window to ease analysis of the recorded data. Signal descriptions and conversion formulas are taken directly out of the associated CANdb database.

The redesigned user interface of the CANscope configuration and evaluation software improves the organization of work. Individual windows such as the Oscilloscope Window or the Eye Diagram, no longer overlap and they are each fully visible at all times. Moreover, windows may also be moved to any desired position on the screen, even outside of the program window.

Version 3.0 of the CANscope software supports the following operating systems: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.

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