CAN Controller Simulation added to ARM Development Suite -

CAN Controller Simulation added to ARM Development Suite

Crossware's ARM Development Suite has been upgraded with simulation ofCAN (controller area network) controller peripherals of NXPSemiconductors' LPC2119, LPC2129 and LPC2194 microprocessors.

The Crossware ARM Development Suite simulates all aspects of a CANcontroller and generates a stream of output bits. This bit streamis transferred to a simulating CAN bus where it is merged with the bitstreams of other simulating CAN controllers.

The merged bit stream is reflected back to all CAN controllersallowing each to win or lose arbitration, transmit and receive data,provide a signal acknowledgement or error status etc.

Crossware Code Creation Wizards are included to create code for theCANcontrollers as well as for the acceptance filter, message identifiers,message data etc.

Using these wizards, code to transmit a message and receive amessage can be generated in minutes without a single line of codehaving to be manually written. The program can then be built andseconds later the developer can see the transmitted message appearingon the simulating CAN bus and being received and acknowledged by thereceiver.

The Crossware Suite includes a GUI that abstracts the developer fromthe complexity of the CAN bus code. The graphical interfaces of boththe simulating CAN controller and the simulating CAN bus provide visualverification which is both useful as proof of activity and foreducational purposes.

The LPC2119, LPC2129 and LPC2194 chips feature multiple CANcontrollersand so it is possible to transmit messages between these CANcontrollersvia the CAN bus.

It is also possible to run multiple simulations on multiple PCs asthey can connect to the simulating CAN bus across the LAN and soexchange messages with each other.

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