CAN protocol support added to ThreadX -

CAN protocol support added to ThreadX


Express Logic, Inc., has introduced ThreadX support for the ISO-11858 standard Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. CAN is used in applications in the automotive industry, factory automation, and in embedded networking for machine control in textile machinery, printing machines, and injection molding machinery. Express Logic's CANX is a generic CAN higher layer protocol stack on which developers can build specific applications to cater to their needs.

“Our CANX implementation of the CAN protocol enables automotive systems like engine control, ABS, and drive-by-wire to use ThreadX in these applications,” said William E. Lamie, Express Logic president and CEO.

CANX provides a processor-independent interface between the application and the underlying processor and network hardware. It is written in ANSI C and is available for processor architectures that have an ANSI C compiler and ThreadX RTOS support.

According to the company, CANX requires between 25 Kbytes and 30 Kbytes of Read Only Memory (ROM) on the target. Another 1 to 2 Kbytes of the target's Random Access Memory (RAM) are required for the CANX thread's stack and other global data structures. In addition, CANX requires the use of a ThreadX timer, one thread and several ThreadX mutex objects. These facilities are used for periodic processing needs and thread protection inside the CANX protocol stack.

Delivered in royalty-free source code, CANX is available immediately, priced at $12,500 for a single product license.

Express Logic, Inc.
San Diego, CA
(858) 613-6640

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