CANape 7.0 simplifies ECU calibration -

CANape 7.0 simplifies ECU calibration


Vector Informatik GmbH (Stuttgart, Germany) is extending its CANape measurement, calibration and diagnostic tool for parameterization of ECUs. Automotive OEMs and ECU developers are supported by the many detailed improvements of Version 7.0 with extended measurement data acquisition options and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Developers of FlexRay ECUs will benefit from the FIBEX Explorer and dynamic allocation of XCP bandwidth.

The multi-recorder concept enables parallel configuration of different measurements, and measurements can be started or stopped independently of one another. A typical application would be continuous logging of all measured data with one recorder, while the second recorder waits for a defined trigger event. Besides defining start conditions, end trigger conditions may also be defined to flexibly configure the measurement and reduce the volume of measured data.

Visualization of the FIBEX data in the FIBEX Explorer gives the developer a quick and convenient snapshot of communication relationships, message distribution over slots and FlexRay network parameters. In dynamic bandwidth management, the XCP master CANape distributes slots reserved for XCP in the FlexRay schedule among the participating ECUs. The specific allocation of slots is made automatically and dynamically at runtime based on the configured measurement. This enables efficient utilization of the bandwidth provided for XCP data. In some applications, the frequency of measurement signal sampling in the ECU may be greater than the base cycle in FlexRay. In this case, the signal values of several samples are sent in one FlexRay message, and the time stamps generated by the ECU enable precise tracking of the measured data.

In developing an ECU's diagnostic functions, CANape 7.0 also supports OBD (On-Board Diagnostics). This gives users access to diagnostic data of the powertrain and lets users visualize and evaluate signals or even use them in scripts. CANape presents diagnostic description files in ODX format in a convenient integrated viewer.

To exploit the advantages of model-based software development even better in ECU development, Vector has extended its support of MATLAB/Simulink even further. The Model Explorer that is used to navigate in the Simulink model and to select variables and model parameters now also supports Stateflow models.

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