Car audio processors reduce RC demands -

Car audio processors reduce RC demands


Two new audio signal processors from Mitsubishi use switched capacitor filter (SCF) technology to improve sound quality in car audio systems. The M61528FP Fixed Equalizer does so by letting developers optimize the audio system's sound to match a car passenger compartment's acoustical characteristics. The M61523FP Electronic Volume and Tone control IC gives designers the ability to manipulate bass and treble tones in six-speaker car audio systems.

The M61528FP is a three-band device that features independent volume controls in each of four channels (left front, left rear, right front, and right rear), a fader volume control with a built-in noise suppression circuit, and a microcontroller interface. Internal SCF technology handles the functionality usually managed by resistor-capacitor (RC) networks in the equalizer circuit.

The M61523FP Electronic Volume and Tone Control IC handles volume control. Like the M61528FP, it uses SCF technology, in this case to eliminate RC network components in the tone control circuit to reduce noise in the master and fader volume controls. A dual input selector function enables designers to use three single inputs and one differential input for design flexibility. The device includes a microcontroller interface that connects the system microcontroller to the volume microcontroller's main and sub input selector, independent gain control, soft mute, base-treble tone controls, and loudness, volume, and fader controls.

Both processors are available in a 24-pin SSOP package with a 7.8mm by 10.1mm footprint. Samples are available now with production scheduled for June.

Mitsubishi Electric and Electronics USASunnyvale, CA(408)

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