Carbon Design offers pre-built virtual SoC prototype web portal -

Carbon Design offers pre-built virtual SoC prototype web portal

Aiming to make system-on-chip design using cores such as those from ARM Ltd. easier and faster, Carbon Design Systems has inaugurated an online web portal called Carbon System Exchange that offers more than 100 pre-built system-on-chip virtual prototypes.

For developers who want a hands-on guided tour of the new service, Carbon Design Systems will be exhibiting at ARM TechCon, Booth #421, Oct. 1-2, 2014 this week in Santa Clara, Ca.

According to Rick Lucier, Carbon’s president and chief executive officer (CEO), Carbon System Exchange simplifies access to Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAKs), pre-built systems or subsystems with software at the bare metal or operating system (O/S) level.

He said the new web portal features software, intellectual property (IP) and systems solutions from numerous providers, including ARM, Arteris, Breker Verification Systems, Cadence Design Systems, Kozio, NetSpeed Systems and Open-Silicon.

“The biggest challenge in design and optimization is the ability to run realistic software and system traffic with accuracy and speed,” said Lucier. “With Carbon System Exchange, users can search by selecting and specifying the combination of IP and software they want in a virtual prototype.

“The list of matching CPAKs is presented for further refinement or download and users can request CPAK customization to more closely match their design requirements.”

Users can optimize the system using multiple benchmarks for performance exploration, combining realistic system traffic to understand cache statistics, memory throughput and latency, and validate assumptions made during the design process under various workloads.

CPAKs can be customized by using Carbon’s SoCDesigner Plus virtual prototype solution in conjunction with models from Carbon IP Exchange, user register transfer level (RTL) code compiled using Carbon Model Studio or custom models written in SystemC or C/C++.

Carbon System Exchange is open and operational now to registered users. Pricing is available upon request. 

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