Carbon expands reach of its SoC model swap technology -

Carbon expands reach of its SoC model swap technology


Carbon Design Systems has just released the latest version of its SoCDesigner Plus virtual prototyping platform with an expanded number of modules that can used with its Swap & Play techology.

According to Joe Tatham, Carbon’s vice president of engineering, the Swap & Play technology enables a virtual prototype to boot an operating system, such as Linux or Android, in seconds and then debug or optimize performance with 100% implementation accuracy.

The latest release of SoCDesigner Plus enables designers a way to use fabric components and DDRx memory controllers from any vendor or internal source in a virtual prototype capable of Swap & Play. These components compliment the Fast Model component library from ARM and allow users to quickly configure a complete Swap & Play virtual prototype system.

“Now that we automatically support all fabric and DDRx memory controller components, many more design teams can boot an operating system in seconds and then debug with 100% accuracy using Swap & Play,” he said. Previously, numerous design teams made use of the Swap & Play implementation, while many were unable to take advantage of the capability because it supported a limited number of fabric and memory controller components.

Carbon Model Studio is used to drive the fabric and memory controller features. Tatham said that by using design knowledge gained during the compilation process, the compiler automatically generates a high-speed functional model for each component. This component is capable of executing at 100s of MIPS and then being swapped with the original Carbonized register transfer level (RTL) model at any breakpoint.

Existing Performance Analysis Kits (CPAKs) on Carbon’s IP Exchange web portal containing fabric components from Arteris and memory controllers from Cadence have been updated with the new Swap & Play technology.

Carbon’s newly enhanced Swap & Play support and updated CPAKs are available now for all SoCDesigner Plus users.

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