Carbon IP Exhange streamlines access to virtual platform building blocks -

Carbon IP Exhange streamlines access to virtual platform building blocks

Carbon IP Exchange from Carbon Design Systems is a web portal with a library of more than 100 system-level models from intellectual property (IP) vendors. The new IP portal is designed to streamline the creation of virtual platforms for architecture analysis, performance optimization and pre-silicon software development. Used with Carbon SoC Designer Plus and SystemC-based platforms, Carbon IP Exchange eliminates the virtual platform assembly bottleneck by offering models for the majority of third-party IP content used in advanced SoC designs.

“The bottleneck in creating virtual platforms for system-level use has always been model availability,” states Rick Lucier, chief executive officer (CEO) of Carbon Design Systems. “Carbon IP Exchange eliminates this bottleneck by reducing the time it takes to create virtual platforms for customers from months to days. The combination of Carbon IP Exchange, Carbon Model Studio and SoC Designer Plus gives designers a powerful toolset to efficiently assemble a platform.”

Simplified Model Configuration and Management
Models that were previously available only by compiling register transfer level (RTL) code with Carbon Model Studio, can now be securely configured, compiled and managed using Carbon IP Exchange. They can be downloaded through the web portal and are used with Carbon SoC Designer Plus or any SystemC-based virtual environment. Models can be shared within a design team or company to further streamline the model management process.

Once created, models can be downloaded from the portal at any time and are retained there to ensure immediate access to any pre-built model. For specific IP, Carbon Model Studio is provided to automatically generate a system model. Carbon IP Exchange currently has models from ARM, Cadence Design Systems, Elliptic Technologies, MIPS Technologies, Tensilica, VeriSilicon and Vivante Corporation. They are available at a variety of abstraction levels, ranging from functional to 100% cycle accurate. Cycle-accurate models can be configured through a series of questions to set up the needed options, and adapt as they are answered. This ensures that only valid models are built and reduces the amount of design knowledge required.

Users are automatically notified when models are revised or updated. Availability of additional models will be announced in the coming months.

Availability and Pricing
Carbon IP Exchange is available today from Carbon Design Systems and accessed through the participating IP supplier. Model pricing varies. For more information visit or email .

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