Carrier board enables CPU swapping -

Carrier board enables CPU swapping


Designed for mixing CPUs and I/O interfaces, the Blade Runner 500 carrier board is an off-the-shelf option for developing PMC-based applications that use different levels of processing power and connect with different network interfaces. The hot-swappable board makes it possible to change out or upgrade CPUs or I/O cards without replacing the carrier card, which can accommodate either two I/O cards, one I/O and one CPU card, or two CPU cards.

Using the SBS Palomar 1000 DFX with two processors per PrPMC, Blade Runner 500 can manage up to four CPUs. The company also offers a portfolio of I/O interfaces, including ATM, OC-3, T1/E1, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel.

Blade Runner 500's two 64-bit PMC sites are capable of running at up to 66 MHz and both offer a PICMG 2.16 Ethernet connection via a J3 connector. The board also features the Intel 21555 non-transparent bridge and advanced Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). The IPMI is used to monitor a system's health and provide information necessary for system management and recovery. The 21555 PCI-to-PCI bridge supports PCI Power Management, Vital Product Data and CompactPCI Distributed Hot Swap. It also supports asynchronous operation between the primary and secondary interfaces, and it includes an I20 message unit for communications between Blade Runner 500 and the system controller.

The board is suitable for high-density applications such as edge access devices, routers, and storage area networks.

Blade Runner 500 is available now for under $1,000.

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