Carrier-grade data-management platform gets upgrade -

Carrier-grade data-management platform gets upgrade

The release of version 4.5K of Solid Information Technology's carrier-grade data management platform adds a failover-transparent link that's optimized for carrier-grade production environments. A feature called “CarrierGrade Connection” uses the company's drivers to retain the connection handle between applications and databases after failover/switchover. This helps avoid time-consuming application tasks such as error-processing and determining the IP address of the new primary DB.

A key feature in V4.5 is the ability to create a CarrierGrade connection to the database. The integrated drivers map this connection to a pair of real connections: one to each of the hot-standby pair. If the active connection fails, the driver automatically switches to the defined standby connection, retaining the same connection handle for the application. The application will see an error and have to reconstruct its context, but doesn't have to make a new connection to the database. Another feature is the ability to backup across the network, which is useful for databases that don't have enough local storage for both the database and its backup. Or it allows a backup to a remote storage center.

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