Casira development kit now comes with BlueCore2 -

Casira development kit now comes with BlueCore2


CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) is now shipping the Casira BlueCore development kit with its second generation BlueCore2 single chip Bluetooth solution at a reduced price. Casira is a hardware platform which enables Bluetooth application developers and integrators to evaluate Bluetooth software protocol stacks and CSR's BlueCore single-chip, as well as enabling them to learn more about Bluetooth.

The kit gives Bluetooth designers access to user-friendly PC-based commands and watch windows to allow the sending and monitoring of individual commands and events, and the exchange of simple data sequences between Bluetooth systems. In addition, a full set of Windows PC example applications is delivered to allow users to understand the full benefits of Bluetooth technology today.

Casira now includes BlueLab, CSR's BlueCore embedded application development kit and BlueCore-PC – CSR's solution for adding Bluetooth functionality to Microsoft Windows Operating System platforms. BlueCore2 offers twice the output power, eliminating the requirement for an external switch, balun and LNA to achieve the 10m range required for Class 2 Bluetooth operation. It is available in a 6mm x 6mm BGA package, half the size of BlueCore01. It exhibits approximately half the power consumption of its predecessor.

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