CAST launches graphics acceleration IP cores -

CAST launches graphics acceleration IP cores

CAST, Inc. has launched a new series of IP cores for graphics acceleration and display. Available immediately are a 2D/2.5D Graphics Accelerator and a Multilayer Display Controller, both sourced from new technology partner Think Silicon. The Think2.5D Core is a rendering engine that accelerates two-dimensional graphics functions (scaling, blending, drawing, and more) and pseudo-three-dimensional effects for graphical user interface (GUI) elements such as shadowed icons. The ThinkLCD-ML Core is a display processor that composes multi-layer graphics with alpha blending, such as video overlay, and supports all popular display connection interfaces.

The new cores give designers highly-competitive performance, silicon area, and power consumption characteristics. They are suitable for a wide range of products with simple displays or complex user interfaces, including Internet of Things device, smart appliances, automotive control and entertainment systems, and GUI systems on 4K televisions. The Think2.5D uses just 65K gates, the ThinkLCD-ML just 15K (both in a TSMC 65nm technology). Both cores are silicon-proven, and are available with cost-effective, royalty-free licensing.

The new Graphics Accelerator and Display Processor cores can offload a graphics processing unit or host processor, and are designed for easy system integration and development. The Think2.5D core supports the de facto industry-standard DirectFB API, enabling higher-level software programming using popular frameworks Qt and GTK+. The ThinkLCD-ML features programmable options for resolution (from VGA to 8K), the numbers of layers and size of the color palette for each, and other composition factors. Both cores accept all widely-used RGB and YUV input formats, and use standard AMBA bus interfaces.

The new graphic accelerator and display controller cores are available now for ASICs (RTL) or FPGAs (netlists), along with complete reference designs and evaluation kits.

More information Think2.5D Core,ThinkLCD-ML Core.

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