Caveman past meets post-apocalyptic future (and then things get complicated) -

Caveman past meets post-apocalyptic future (and then things get complicated)


Well, I have to say that I am flabbergasted. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that rarely has my flabber been quite so gasted. The reason for my gast is that I was just on the phone chatting to an community member who we shall call Daniel (because that’s his name).

Since I so rarely mention it these days, I know you’ll be surprised to hear that I was waffling on about my Caveman Diorama project in general and its Time Portal element in particular.

(Source: Max Maxfield & Mike Mittlebeeler)

As I was merrily rambling away, I happened to mention how I’m really getting into creating dioramas as a hobby. Whilst on my travels, I’m keeping a watchful eye open for additional antique television cabinets and — once I finish the Caveman project — I’m thinking of starting work on a post-apocalyptic scene.

Sticking to the 1/32 scale I’ve been working with, I’ve been visualizing a sort of desolated industrial setting with falling-down walls and rusted girders. Amongst all of this desolation, however, I was also thinking of having a big LCD billboard running in the background displaying a series of adverts like a smiling girl offering a bottle of Coca Cola with the legend “Coke makes you happy” and a grinning man cheerfully proffering a can of beer with the legend “This Bud’s for you.”

It was at this point that Daniel (“Do you remember Daniel? This is a story about Daniel,” to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie) suggested that it might be a good idea to have a couple of common elements spanning both dioramas. For example, in the same way we have a group of cavemen chatting around a fire in the original diorama, we could have a group of survivors huddled around a campfire in the post-apocalyptic scene. Furthermore, we could have the campfire presented in the same relative location in both scenes, thereby alluding to the fact that we are in the same place at different points in time.


And, speaking of time, we could also have Time Portals in the same relative location in both scenes. In addition to the images we are already planning on presenting in the Time Portal (see Time Portal Scenes of the Past, Present & Future and Time Portal Tribute to Classic Science Fiction Films of Yesteryear ), the one in the cave scene could show an image looking out into the post-apocalyptic diorama, and vice versa.

In fact, now I’m starting to imagine a whole series of dioramas presented in antique television sets, all linked by having a campfire and a Time Portal. What can I say? I think this is a brilliant idea (<-- there would be at least three exclamation marks here if I were allowed to use them — see also Max Faces Cease-and-Desist Order). What say you?

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