Cavium Networks introduces family of PureVu single-chip H.264 processors -

Cavium Networks introduces family of PureVu single-chip H.264 processors


Cavium Networks recently introduced a family of full HD (1080p60) system-on-a-chip (SoC) H.264 video processors for consumer and enterprise applications. The PureVu CNW5XXX family combines the company's Super-Low-Latency (SLL) H.264 video processor, high performance Nitrox security technology, and intelligent networking and packet processing in an SoC that's suited for a host of video applications, including wireless display, HDMI cable replacement, home media distribution, and video conferencing.

Key features of the CNW5XXX family include high-performance processing using the PureVu H.264 codec engine with up to 1920x1080p60 (1920x1200p60 for PC applications) encoding or decoding performance and integrated Super Low Latency (SLL) technology enabling 1-ms encoding and decoding. The encoder/decoder engines offer advanced error resiliency to eliminate artifacts due to transmission errors.

The SoCs are architected with dual ARM11 MPCore processors operating at up to 500MHz. Each contains a 32-kbyte instruction cache and 32-kbyte data cache, in addition to a 128-kbyte L2 cache. In addition, each processor comes with instruction set extensions for DSP and Media Processing, and integrates a Vector Floating Point unit and an MMU.The interfaces included are single-lane PCI-express controller and PHY, USB 2.0 host and device controller and PHY, Gigabit Ethernet MAC, and a other common peripheral interfaces including GPIO, SPI, UART, I2S, and I2C.

The first three devices in the family are the CNW5602, CNW5621, CNW5611. The 5602 is a dual-port, encode/decode SoC suited for external stand-alone transmitter and receiver dongle designs for enabling existing CE home devices with WiFi display technology. The 5621 is a single-port, encode-only variant that operates in a co-processor mode and has the size and the power characteristics needed for notebook PCs and netbooks. The 5611 addresses the display side. It's a single-port, decode-only SoC that can be integrated into an existing TV design and handle both video and data traffic slated for the main TV processor.

Video conferencing applications are addressed with Cavium's CNW5102. It's a dual-port device that offers full-duplex H.264 encode-decode capability (up to 1080p30 in full-duplex mode), integrated audio and speech processing, advanced user interface capabilities through the on-board 2D graphics accelerator, and a rich set of networking and peripheral interfaces including USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and PCI-express.

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