Cavium raises OCTEON II frequency to 1.8GHz per-core -

Cavium raises OCTEON II frequency to 1.8GHz per-core


Cavium Networks has delivered its OCTEON II CN63XX 2 to 6-core MIPS64 processors with up to 10.8GHz of 64 bit processing with each CPU core running at up to 1.8GHz to customers worldwide.

This 1.8GHz operating frequency more than doubles the CPU core frequency available relative to the previous generation of OCTEON Plus processors.

The higher per-core frequency allows Cavium to target markets including higher-end control plane, and integrated control and data plane applications that require high single-threaded software performance.

The CN63XX family has from 2 to 6 custom-designed MIPS64 cores running at up to 1.8GHz per core, a 2MB shared L2 cache, DDR3 controller, integrated XAUI, GbE, sRIO and PCIe Gen2 I/O's. It also includes hardware acceleration for encryption/decryption, Deep Packet Inspection, packet processing and compression/decompression.

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