Cavium's TurboDPI II offers nine DPI modules -

Cavium’s TurboDPI II offers nine DPI modules

Cavium, Inc. has introduced TurboDPI II, the next generation of its production-ready TurboDPI family of software, that now incorporates up to nine major DPI functional modules integrated into a holistic toolkit that have been optimized for OCTEON II processors. TurboDPI II's Uniscan technology ensures that data is only scanned once by the OCTEON's built-in hardware HFA DPI engines, and then the results are passed to the appropriate module.

TurboDPI II enables market-leading DPI performance and speeds time to market for enterprise, cloud, data center, and 3G/4G/LTE wireless equipment manufacturers. TurboDPI II supports all of Cavium's OCTEON II family of processors, the company's embedded multicore processor line designed for enterprise, data center and service provider equipment including routers, switches, appliances, 3G/4G wireless base stations, RNCs, xGSNs, evolved packet core, services gateways, DPI equipment, storage switches and intelligent server adapters.

OCTEON II block diagram

TurboDPI II is designed as a modular system with nine optional DPI modules, which include support for application recognition, security, and performance monitoring.

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