CCL makes IDE available to third parties -

CCL makes IDE available to third parties


CAMBRIDGE, England — Cambridge Consultants has developed a generic integrated development environment (IDE) that can be customized for embedded system and semiconductor companies to create software development kits for ASSP, structured ASIC, platform, or SoC products.

The xIDE is aimed at reducing development time, risk and software costs for companies requiring application-specific development tools, both for their own use and for delivery to customers.

UNIX/Linux and Windows versions of xIDE are available with custom plug-ins able to be created for any embedded processor, IP core, interface, or complete product. The customized xIDE can be OEM-branded by the semiconductor company.

A typical xIDE configuration consists of a graphical user interface and a core development and debugging toolset, together with customized plug-ins for the software tool-chain of the target microprocessor, peripherals and, if necessary, third-party compilers. CCL says a complete system that allows developers to write, build and debug their embedded software within a homogeneous software project management environment can be created within a few weeks.

The software tool and customization service is based on Cambridge Consultants' existing ASIC design and silicon intellectual property business, where it is already in use by clients.

System developers can use standard interfaces such as JTAG and SPI and they can also use Cambridge Consultants' SIF pods, hardware emulator, non-intrusive in-circuit debugger and Flash memory programming tools.

Cambridge Consultants' xIDE runs natively on Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac OSX. Its feature set can be customized for individual companies, and it can include an on-line help system, a multiple document text editor with syntax highlighting, a built-in scripting language (Python) to automate repetitive tasks, and sophisticated support for managing embedded software development projects.

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