cdma2000 support for signaling tester eases verification testing -

cdma2000 support for signaling tester eases verification testing


Anritsu's cdma2000 1X support for its MD8470A signaling tester creates a small and integrated single desktop instrument in which user equipment (UE) developers and network operators can ensure cdma2000 1X and PPP signaling and application performance. The MD8470A's size and low cost let UE developers deploy more testers in their labs to perform crucial signaling and application testing prior to submitting their products to network operators.

The MD8470A cdma2000 1X option is based on a cdma2000 network simulator, using a Perl-based scripting API as its primary interface for performing system configuration, physical channel, and condition setup. The simulator controls the air interface and PPP message transmission and reception, supporting the PPP signaling protocols LCP, IPCP, PAP, and CHAP. Through this API, UE developers and test integrators can accurately control protocol signaling behavior to thoroughly test UE signaling conformance and operation.

With its multi-carrier/sector option, one MD8470A supports up to six-way soft/softer handoff and two-carrier simulations. The tester can dynamically allocate and de-allocate sectors and channels, support user-defined air interface messages, and synchronize multiple systems, allowing users to develop elaborate network simulations that better simulate and test real-life network and application environments.

The MD8470A cdma2000 option can be upgraded to support 1XEV-DO later this year, at which time the tester will support cost-effective Hybrid mode testing and real-time logging of protocol messages for cdma2000, 1XEV-DO, and PPP in a single log. The U.S. list price of the MD8470A with cdma2000 1X and multi-sector and multi-carrier capability starts at $130,000. For more information, visit

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