CDP spin out links trainers to horses -

CDP spin out links trainers to horses

LONDON — Gmax Ltd. has been a spun out from technology and product development consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership (CDP) to supply a globaL positioning system (GPS) product that will send essential physical, physiological and environmental information about a training workout from horse to trainer, via the internet.

Horse trainers who have traditionally relied on experience and intuition to gauge the performance of horses.

The monitoring electronics are built in to a sleeve that slides over the girth with and real time information can be transmitted wirelessly to a trainer’s mobile, PDA or laptop. Information to help control the workout can also be sent to the jockey via a specially designed wristwatch.

Mike Cane a director of CDP who has led the development of Gmax said: “Gmax has an important role to play in bringing the principles of sports medicine to thoroughbred racing to maximise a horse’s chances of winning. Using detailed information provided by the Gmax system, trainers will be able to implement training schedules that bring a horse progressively to the peak of fitness.”

“While Gmax will never replace good horsemanship, it will provide trainers with objective measurements of training workload and response; replacing guesswork with scientific evidence and making elite training methods accessible to all,” said Cane.

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