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CEM host local schoolchildren


LONDON — As part of a science week, local primary pupils from Newbridge visited Axiom Manufacturing Services to learn about science and electronics. And they were joined by Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning, Jane Davidson, who was treated to a demonstration of how the education business partnership has developed over the last year.

Davidson, said, “There is no better way for children to learn than through hands on experience in an exciting new environment. At Axiom they are getting an unforgettable introduction to electronics that makes a lasting impression. You can see that everyone really enjoys taking part in the programme, electronics has been made fun to learn and teachers report that pupils share their experiences with others when they return to school. Teachers are also inspired by the programme which also helps their own professional development.”

Managing director of Axiom Manufacturing, Shaun Ashmead, said, ”This programme helps to give local school children a head start learning about electronics and science. The company is trying to make the learning experience a memorable one to allow them to learn more quickly.

“From Axiom’s perspective, everyone gets to know what it is like to work in the electronics manufacturing sector and local children who travel past the plant every day get to have a look inside.

The Welsh Assembly Government’s Skills and Employment Action Plan for Wales identified skills shortages in the workforce and the need to address these shortages. There is also a decline in the number of young people studying science and engineering and according to Ashmead Axiom is helping to tackle the problem.

The original idea for this education and business link was developed within the local education authority and furthered by Careers Wales Gwent. Schoolteachers visited Axiom to observe day-to-day business operations, and employees at work. Teachers from Abercarn and Tynewydd primary schools then produced a scheme of work for KS2 pupils.

The scheme of work is derived from the KS2 science curriculum and hence a tool to enhance the level of teaching within the schools. All pupils have to learn about aspects of electricity and circuitry, therefore what better way than to visit a successful electronic producer to bring schoolwork alive! Pupils will complete part of their schoolwork building electric circuits as well as looking at the world of work.

Year 6 pupils Sade Eze, 10, and Victoria Curno, 11, from Abercan Primary School have fun learning about electronics with Jane Davidson at electronics manufacturers Axiom.

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