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Centre provides customisation for aerospace


Designer and manufacturer of COTS VME and CompactPCI (CPCI) products for harsh environments, Dy 4 Systems, has opened a Custom Technology Centre (CTC) in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.

Dy 4, a division of Force Computers, has set up the CTC as an independent, dedicated team to specialise in adapting and enhancing standard Dy 4 product designs to fit the needs of defence and aerospace projects.

The CTC aims to use the underlying intellectual property in new ways for adaptation to customer-specific applications. In most cases, design modules from standard products will be adapted to create custom solutions while retaining maximum compatibility with Dy 4 standard firmware and software.

Colin Woodbridge is director of the centre which uses the same development tool-sets and processes as those employed by the primary Dy 4 engineering facility in Canada.

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