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CES: Compliance software supports link layer Spec V1.0

A compliance test suite revealed at CES by LeCroy Corp. is an approved Link Verification System (LVS) by the USB-IF which which is used during SuperSpeed USB compliance workshops for testing link layer conformance.

Available as a software option for the Voyager platform, the LeCroy compliance suite debuted in 2009 now adheres to the newly ratified USB 3.0 Link Layer Test Specification 1.0.

“The USB Implementers Forum Compliance Committee added Link Layer testing to the SuperSpeed USB Certification program as part of our ongoing effort to ensure comprehensive compliance for the USB 3.0 standard,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President & COO. “LeCroy's support of the Link Layer test specification 1.0 will help our members bring USB 3.0 products to market that deliver high performance and interoperability.”

The USB-IF's Link Layer compliance specification includes 37 test cases that verify hundreds of link layer test assertions from the USB 3.0 base specification. LeCroy's turnkey compliance software provides a graphical console that steps through the test process and generates pass/fail reports identifying possible violations.

The suite specifically addresses link layer error recovery, link state timing and power management behaviors and the USB compliance suite software version 1.40 is available for download on the LeCroy website.


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