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CES: Conexant launches Smart Voice Pickup software algorithm for headsets

Conexant Systems, Inc. has unveiled its new Smart Voice Pickup (SVP) technology for headsets. The newest addition to Conexant’s AudioSmart software solutions, Conexant’s SVP provides optimum transmit microphone voice quality for headset users and reduces ambient noise to optimize the real-time voice communication experience. With SVP technology, online gamers can hear each other loud and clear – even in noisy environments such as a busy household, school dorm or gaming café.

Conexant’s SVP technology is based on its proprietary SSP noise suppression algorithm. SSP is a blind source separation technology that uses spatial representation of target speech and noise sources to reduce interference and achieve up to 45dB noise suppression and up to 19dB signal-to-noise ratio improvement. Unlike traditional technologies, such as beamforming, speech and noise can arrive at any angle relative to the microphones. The drawback of beamforming solutions is that they are not optimized for all angles of the noise source, especially if the noise comes from the same direction as the headset user.

Conexant’s SVP technology utilizes two microphones to detect and suppress stationary noise sources, such as white noise or air conditioning, and non-stationary noise like a slamming door or loud clapping. The first microphone is close to the user’s mouth as the primary voice transmit microphone, while the second microphone is an environmental microphone. SVP is also extremely effective at reducing keystroke noise distractions during conference calls and other computer-based voice communications.

In addition to enhancing the gaming experience, Conexant’s SVP also improves Unified Communications call quality for enterprise users in a call center, office or other environment with competing sounds.

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