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CES: Imagination’s PowerVR Series6 IP cores target mobile and consumer segments


Imagination Technologies has a new line-up of PowerVR Series6XE Rogue graphics processing (GPU) IP cores targeting cost-sensitive, mass-market applications. The new family, including the world’s smallest fully-featured OpenGL ES 3.0 and OpenCL-capable GPU core, are designed to enable high-quality graphics and efficient GPU compute performance for products such as entry-level mobile devices and tablets, as well as wearables and other consumer products including DTVs and set-top boxes in which silicon area and memory bandwidth are limited but advanced graphics performance is still desired.

The new cores take advantage of the latest architectural advances and offer a balance of silicon area and performance that is designed for OpenGL ES 3.0 and GPU compute-capable range of low-cost, highly capable devices.

PVRIC2 in the G6060 and G6110 cores is key for meeting the cost-sensitive targets of entry-level designs, since the bandwidth reduction enables significantly lower system-level cost through lower-cost memory subsystems in the SoC, lower-cost memory modules and overall device bill of materials (BOM) cost reduction.

Software and tools support Imagination provides developers with free access to the PowerVR Graphics SDK, a cross-platform toolkit designed to support all aspects of 3D graphics application development. Developers can join the PowerVR Insider community, download the SDK for free and interact with the community of 45,000+ members through developer forums at www.powervrinsider.com .

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