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CES: Lattice demos MIPI CSI-2 bridge reference design

At the Consumer Electronics Show next month, Lattice Semiconductor will be demonstrating a MIPI Specification CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface 2) image sensor bridge reference design www.latticesemi.com/csi2bridge.

This reference design will make it possible for developers to use low cost MIPI CSI-2 image sensors with their ISP of choice. The CSI-2 image sensor bridge accepts the image data from a CSI-2 sensor and converts the data to a CMOS parallel bus so that virtually any ISP can process the data.

The reference design supports the CSI-2 interfaces from 1 to 4 data lanes and the parallel CMOS bus to the ISP is configurable as well. The hardware demo uses a Sony IMX169 CSI-2 image sensor operating at 1080p30.

Applications such as black box car driver recorders, home security cameras and aftermarket automotive backup cameras are among the designs that could make use of the CSI-2 bridge design.

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